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Economy – 700 New Simulation Jobs To Orlando Over Five Years

January 28, 2013

Orlando is about to get a slew of high-paying jobs that are part of the simulation/training industry.

We are about to see almost $300 million dollars in new defense training contracts. With these new contracts, Orlando is solidifying itself as a high-tech hub for the simulation industry.

The recipient of these contracts is a local company, Cubic Defense Applications. They are known for some of the best combat simulations in the industry.



Florida Economy – Are You Aware of the Florida High Tech Corridor?

August 26, 2012

When you say “Central Florida” to many people – even people that live in Florida – they think of theme parks, beaches, and Kennedy Space Center. They might even think of the University of Central Florida (UCF). What they are not thinking of is the fact that this area is a high tech hub in the US.

When you say “research and technology” most people think Silicon Valley, Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill, or Dallas. You need to add Orlando and Central Florida to that list.

The area that spans Florida – from just north of Daytona Beach to the area around Sarasota, with Orlando in the middle – is coined the Florida High Tech Corridor (FHTC). This covers 23 counties, within the Central Florida region. It has been in place since 1996.


Orlando Economy – Bill Clinton & WUCF Discuss UCF Simulation Tech Cluster

February 15, 2012

President Bill Clinton on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” discussing the University of Central Florida and its role in the computer simulation tech cluster in Orlando. WUCF TV’s Metro Center Outlook with guest William Holstein discussing the Orlando/UCF simulation tech cluster. 2011

Orlando Economy – UCF Metro Center Update – Simulation Industry

February 14, 2012

For those of you in Orlando or are interested in what Orlando has to offer, this video will be of interest. This is a show that is created by UCF and they discuss different issues around the city.

This one happens to talk about the local economy and how the simulation industry is helping to build the city up. This industry covers everything from video games at EA Sports (in Maitland) to defense at Lockeed (Sandlake near International Drive) and CAE and others in the middle of Reaserch Park, by the University of Central Florida. The newest growth area in the simulation market is in medical training which is starting to take hold as well, because of the new focus of learning happening at the local colleges.

This video is an interview with Tom Baptiste, the Executive Director for the National Center For Simulation. This is a regional trade association. The National Center for Simulation (NCS) was formed as the link among the defense industry, government, and academia on behalf of the entire simulation, training, and modeling community.

By the way, did you know there were over 180 training and simulation companies here, in Orlando, FL?

To learn more about his organization, here is a link to the National Center for Simulation.