Economy – 700 New Simulation Jobs To Orlando Over Five Years


Orlando is about to get a slew of high-paying jobs that are part of the simulation/training industry.

We are about to see almost $300 million dollars in new defense training contracts. With these new contracts, Orlando is solidifying itself as a high-tech hub for the simulation industry.

The recipient of these contracts is a local company, Cubic Defense Applications. They are known for some of the best combat simulations in the industry.

According to Senetor Bill Nelson, this new set of contracts will create about 700 new jobs over the next five years.

Terms of the deal – which included three contracts for Cubic – call for development of computerized training systems for two versions of the Littoral Combat Ship, built by Lockheed Martin Corp. and General Dynamics Corp., respectively. Cubic will also produce combat mission-specific training for crews of the new warships.

Cubic beat Lockheed, General Dynamics and nearly a dozen other contractors to sweep all three contracts awarded in the competition, which cumulatively involved the biggest deal awarded in years by the Navy’s Orlando simulation-training contract agency.

Also critical to Central Florida’s simulation training industry – considered the country’s largest such industry – was the fact that the Littoral training program cleared approval by the Pentagon, which is in the midst of a major cost-cutting initiative.

“This goes to show how important simualtin is going to be in our military,” Nelson said. “And Orlando will play a big role in that.”

In Melbourne, Florida, another company, Southeast  Aerospace, also landed a Navy contract worth $9 million. At the south Brevard  County company workers will be upgrading two-engine airplanes used to train Navy  and Marine pilots.

According to his office, he expects these companies to start hiring for these postions fairly quickly.

Bill Nelson is also claiming that there are several other contracts in the works and that over the next few months, Orlando may see more signed agreements.

Read more about the story at WESH 2 News. There’s also a video there.

Read more about the story at The Orlando Sentinel.


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