ASTD – What are the benefits of being a National ASTD Member?


Did you know the national organization has revamped their membership structure? Did you also know that if you were a national member in 2013, you were automatically upgraded to the highest membership level.

The goal of being a national ASTD member is to be connected to your industry.

Here are some items to look for as you review your current membership benefits or if you are considering becoming a national member.

Membership Plus members, you now get:

  1. Two free eBooks
  2. Four free online Infoline publications
  3. Nine Community Libraries with exclusive member content
  4. One free industry report
  5. 2013 State of the Industry Report

Other items that keep you connected to other Learning and Development professionals include:

  • ASTD Links – A twice-monthly newsletter
  • Member tools, such as calculators, assessments, and checklists
  • ASTD Online Library – the world’s leading collection of full-text articles on management and leadership, plus download hundreds of business book summaries
  • Career Navigator – Explore the career roles you can aspire to, the skills necessary to function effectively in each role, and the resources that are available to help build necessary skills
  • Member Directory – Now you can locate and communicate with any other national ASTD members
  • Access to ASTD’s social media communities – LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and more
  • T&D Magazine – The official magazine of ASTD. T+D covers industry trends, best practices, career development, product reviews, and more.
  • The BUZZ email newsletter – The latest training news from esteemed periodicals, journals, and magazines.
  • Watch and Learn Webcasts – Live and archived sessions from industry professionals

This list doesn’t include the other benefits you can take advantage of, such as certification training, CPLP guidance, other professional resources, and national conferences such as the International Conference and Expo (ICE) and TechKnowledge.

As part of your professional development plan for 2014, you should consider taking a new look at the benefits of a National ASTD membership.


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