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This blog post covers two items:
What is the most popular LMS and trends to watch for in 2013.


According to a report from Capterra, Moodle is the most popular learning management system in the world.

The list, measured by total customers, active users and overall online presence, lists the top 10 most popular LMSs. Rankings are also broken down by academic and corporate users.

The top five include:

  1. Moodle is first in overall users (60 million)
  2. Edmodo leads in total customers (100,000), the most Twitter followers (19,800), and Facebook friends (17,700)
  3. Blackboard is most popular on LinkedIn (6,800 users)
  4. SumTotal Systems
  5. Skillsoft


Actors and Avatars – With both Articulate Storyline and Adobe Captivate 6 on the market and promoting built-in character libraries, expect to see more personal touches in eLearning courses. Don’t be surprised if, by mid-to-late 2013, you start to see the capability to add voice talent with lip synching to these types of characters. You can already do it with Real Audio software.

HTML 5 – Captivate and Articulate publish, by default, to Flash. However, if you expect your learners to view your eLearning content on a tablet or mobile device, you can expect that the deliverable will be HTML 5. Apple devices (also known as iOS) don’t even play Flash content. HTML 5 is less taxing on a CPU and it can offer geolocation features, if you want that. One of the things to watch for is how Tin Can plays a role in app development for tablets. I expect HTML 5 and the emergence of Tin Can to grow very closely together.

Tin Can – I have already written about Tin Can in another post, but essentially the Tin Can API will allow people to start create these self-contained apps in a way that lets them work with and Tin Can-enabled LMSs

Losing the SmartPhone – It has shown itself as a failure for eLearning course creation. The primary killer is the small screens. However, tablets are growing in popularity and people don’t mind taking courses on them. People will need to be able to do more than just see your system via their mobile web browser. You may need to start thinking about apps for tablets.

Personalization – Web 2.0 (Facebook, YouTube, iTunes, LinkedIn, Amazon, Hulu, tablet apps, etc.) has created a population of people who want to be able to personalize everything from their music to what they watch to what they purchase to what appears on their devices. Expect that learners will desire, and possibly demand this of their learning solutions. The primary example of this is changing the language of the LMS from English to Spanish, French, or German. Typically you have to purchase an add-on to make this happen. This will probably be something that appears slowly and eventually grows over the next few years.

Video – The wide availability of video delivery, the popularity of YouTube, the ease of video creation, and ease of end user upload will drive a revolution in content offered in this format. Expect to see full analytics of this content – who viewed it, how long they watched for, how they get to it, and what other videos they watched after viewing yours.

Digital Textbooks – I remember one of my largest college expenses being textbooks. More than a few times, I paid over $100 for a text book. Currently, my daughter has two high school text books she reads online. The eBook platform will probably be the driving force for this. Mix this with the capabilities of video and personalization and you have media-driven textbooks which print can’t compete against.

Security and Privacy – Why are people afraid of an LMS in the cloud? It all revolves around security and privacy of content. My mother-in-law did not want to store her pictures on a cloud system because she was afraid they would “disappear” and she would lose her photos. Interestingly enough, when was the last time you heard of an LMS on a cloud getting hacked. It doesn’t happen much and I expect, because of the fear, it will happen less as companies work to enhance privacy and security. If they don’t, they will fail.


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