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Mobile: What is mLearning, Really Part 1

May 27, 2013

There are many new technologies that are starting to take hold within the Learning community. mLearning is interesting because it ties them together.

These technologies are:

  • Performance Support – This is a way of delivering content that is not specifically training, as we have referred to it. It brings information to your learners closer to the point of needing it – in the workflow.
  • Mobile Apps – These are the programs that run on the device.
  • Analytics (Experience API/Tin Can) – This tool allows you to identify who is using your content, when and where they are using it, and eventually provide you a better understanding of how learners are using your content.
    mLearning encompasses the use and delivery of these items.



Content Delivery Channels – What is mLearning Really?

April 29, 2012

There is a critical shift for organizations to consider – smartphones are the highest selling devices in the communication markets. If you and your organization want to increase performance, you need to consider leveraging this platform.

Companies are already finding success with these devices for giving executives information they need, salespeople, and field technicians. We are about to see a surge in this medium across the learning industry.

If you want to take advantage of mLearning, or mobile learning, you need to rethink what it means. It is not specifically about courses. It is about altering formal learning and individual performance via delivery of content, support, and connections to others in the company or peers. Think about this – desktop capabilities are now available practically anywhere, as is your ability to take advantage of an respond to the context in which an employee performs.