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ASTD is now ATD

July 9, 2014

In case you did not catch the news, in May of 2014, the American Society of Training and Development (ASTD) officially changed it’s name to Association for Talent Development (ATD).

My personal take on this change is positive. First off, we are an international organization, not just an “American” organization. Second, this is a shift towards a focus on people.

Previously, the way we thought about training was that we trained “stuff” to people. This new vision flips that model. We now need to think in the way of teaching people to do “stuff”.

As a practical example of this change, in my organization (a financial software company), we used to say things like “I train loans” or “I train deposits”. Well, the reality behind that is that you don’t teach loans or deposits anything – they are inanimate objects. Rather, what we really do is train Loan Officers or Customer Service Representatives to perform their job better using our software tool, which leads to the financial organization meeting its prescribed goals. It’s about the people.

Here is a link to the ATD page that describes the change.

On that page, you will find a short video by Tony Bingham, President and CEO of ATD.


ASTD – What are the benefits of being a National ASTD Member?

January 11, 2014

Did you know the national organization has revamped their membership structure? Did you also know that if you were a national member in 2013, you were automatically upgraded to the highest membership level.

The goal of being a national ASTD member is to be connected to your industry.

Here are some items to look for as you review your current membership benefits or if you are considering becoming a national member.


CPLP – ASTD CPLP Fall Study Group

August 23, 2012

The South Florida Chapter of ASTD will be starting a 12 week virtual CPLP study group session beginning September 1st.

There is no fee to participate. Each session will begin at 9:00 am (EST) and end at 11:00 am.

  • For CPLP aspirants
  • For ASTD Members desiring more knowledge
  • For WLP professionals looking to sharpen their skills
  • This study group is open to all National or local chapter members of ASTD

Check out their web site to learn more and register for this event.

I will be there, so I hope to see you in the group!


CPLP: The Final Countdown

March 19, 2012

Exam Day approaches. What to do? What to Do?

Now that you’ve studied the ASTD Learning System, you want to know what to do as the Knowledge Exam itself draws near.

You’ll want to think about study aids. Our CFC ASTD Chapter CPLP’s used several different study aids and what worked for some didn’t work for others. We’ll talk about that next, however. This week, we’ll talk about what everyone agreed on.

The CPLP® Practice Exams (pCPLP)  have tremendous value!

The CPLP® Practice Exam (pCPLP) is available on the ASTD website

It is free to take. The pCPLP Exam does two things for you.

First, it tests your knowledge. There are 75 questions drawn the same source as the Knowledge Exam. And you get a comprehensive review of your score. Thus, you find out where you’re solid and where you need some work. This can you target your ‘Cram’ time and focus on the Ares of Expertise where you scored low.  (more…)

CPLP: Preparing for the Knowledge Exam. You’ve got questions

March 12, 2012

We’ve got answers.

The first question on everyone’s mind is usually simple,

“Where do I start?”

Let’s start at the very beginning.

It’s a very good place to start.

When you read you begin with A-B-C

When you study for the CPLP Knowledge Exam, you begin with the ASTD Learning System.

While there are some great resources to assist with your study, the 10-volume ASTD Learning System is an absolute must for  Knowledge Exam preparation.

How much time should I expect to spend studying?

Among our CFC ASTD CPLP’s, three months was the most common time frame for studying with the ASTD Learning System.


CPLP – So you signed up for the CPLP© Knowledge Exam. Now what?

March 5, 2012
Exam Preparations

Why, oh why? (Photo credit: Jixar)

We were told this was going to be hard and not all of us would pass so there was a sense of doom

That’s how one of our CFC ASTD member CPLP’s described their pre-exam anxiety. Is that how you feel? A sense of doom? Disaster? Impending failure? Why, oh why, did I do this?

Calm down. The exam is not as bad as you’ve heard. We talked with several of our chapter members who have taken and passed the knowledge exam and will share their learnings about the experience with you over the next few posts in this topic. There are lots and lots of resources out there to help you prepare, that is not what this series is for. This series is to help you know what to expect leading up to exam day. We’ll share some of the study tactics our Central Florida ASTD Chapter members have used to help prepare and what surprised them on exam day.

If you’ve already signed up for the exam, hopefully this will help relieve your anxiety so you can focus on getting ready. If you haven’t signed up yet, hopefully this will eliminate one of the potential barriers to taking the plunge!