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Industry Tidbits

November 29, 2012

This blog post covers two items:
What is the most popular LMS and trends to watch for in 2013.


According to a report from Capterra, Moodle is the most popular learning management system in the world.

The list, measured by total customers, active users and overall online presence, lists the top 10 most popular LMSs. Rankings are also broken down by academic and corporate users.



Rapid E-Learning – Articulate Storyline

July 13, 2012

As part of my research in figuring out which rapid eLearning tool I plan to reccomend to my training manager, I looked at both Articulate Storyline and Adobe Captivate 6.

I will say that Captivate 5 or 5.5 versus Articulate Storyline is kind of a no-brainer and Storyline wins, in my opinion. However, Captivate 6 changes the story a little because it brings the two products closer together. It is not my intention with either of these posts to tell you which tool is better or which I am reccomending to my company. I am trying to provide you with enough information to make your own decision based on your organization’s needs.

There are not as many videos from Articulate as there are from Adobe. So, here is what I can offer you as part of your research.

Here is a blog post by The Rapid eLearning Blog discussing some of the features of Storyline. In it,you can find several examples and tutorials.

Here is the official feature list from the Articulate site. There is a nice series of videos on thier site for you.

Here is a list of user created courses using Storyline. You can use them as a sample of what you can do with this rapid eLearning tool. I think the Storyline examples stop after the Periodic Table example.

Whichever way you think you want to go, I would reccomend you try the 30-day trial of both products. There are always some features that are promoted and work in a slightly different manner than you expect.