Social Media – Are You Familiar with Content Curation?


One of the big shifts in how we all handle content on the web is the term Content Curation. I have heard this term over and over again recently. Content Curation seems to leave off where a typical search leaves off. They come to your site and it is focused on the content for which they are looking.

Recently, I led a discussion round-table at our local chapter meeting about using Social Media to increase your personal brand on the web. Content Curation is a great way to gather information you think would be very useful for your audience. This allows you to provide a lot of quality content, but you don’t have to write it all. Simply write the wrapping or introductory text…and you have a blog post.

This post is a perfect example of what I am trying to explain. There are a couple of videos and links to two sites that teach you how this function can benefit you. I did not create these pieces of content, but I pulled it together to provide it to you, my readers.

Become a Content Curator to Build Your Social Media Presence

Content Curation Techniques

What is Content Curation?

How to curate content on your own website – This video talks about the benefits of finding content on other sites, but building your own site around that content, and linking to the other site. This is the opposite of finding content and just pointing people at that content. This way, you are sending them to your site…and then sending them to the actual content on another site.

Content Curation – Blog Content That Rocks – This is a longer video (notice it is close to 2 hours) and it haves a more marketing slant to it.



How can you use this in your career or in expanding your online presence? How can you use this function to provide content to your learners? There are so many ways…If you come up with some that you like, please share with everyone.


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