CPLP: The Final Countdown


Exam Day approaches. What to do? What to Do?

Now that you’ve studied the ASTD Learning System, you want to know what to do as the Knowledge Exam itself draws near.

You’ll want to think about study aids. Our CFC ASTD Chapter CPLP’s used several different study aids and what worked for some didn’t work for others. We’ll talk about that next, however. This week, we’ll talk about what everyone agreed on.

The CPLP® Practice Exams (pCPLP)  have tremendous value!

The CPLP® Practice Exam (pCPLP) is available on the ASTD website

It is free to take. The pCPLP Exam does two things for you.

First, it tests your knowledge. There are 75 questions drawn the same source as the Knowledge Exam. And you get a comprehensive review of your score. Thus, you find out where you’re solid and where you need some work. This can you target your ‘Cram’ time and focus on the Ares of Expertise where you scored low. 

Second, the pCPLP Exam looks and feels like the actual Knowledge Exam. You gain familiarity with how to navigate the exam. How to move back and forth between the questions. How to go to question you marked for review. How to mark a question for review. Thus, the Exam itself, on Exam Day, will not feel strange or unfamiliar. This alone makes the pCPLP worthwhile.

Think about the most difficult mid-term or final you ever took in College

And ask how much easier it would have been if you could have taken a dry run of that exam in advance. Gained familiarity with the style of the questions. Had a chance to analyze questions you missed and review the appropriate study material.

Imagine you could take the final exam BEFORE you signed up for the course! That’s what the pCPLP does for you!

Are you sitting on the fence, hesitating to seek CPLP® certification because you’re worried about the Knowledge Exam? Go take the pCPLP Practice Exam. You’ll discover it’s not as hard as you’ve heard. At least, not as hard for candidates who prepare.

Once I take the pCPLP exam, then what do I do?

Then you prepare for the actual Knowledge Exam. But, you do so armed with the knowledge of what you most need to study. NOw, you’re ready for those study aids.

Nut that’s next week’s post.


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