Career Building – Using Social Media for Networking


I have had several people ask me to post this presentation, so they could review it again or see it if they missed it.

So, I decided to “drink my own kool-aid” and post the presentation on SlideShare. This is a web site that allows you to post your PowerPoint presentations and allow the world to view them. I am not going to claim to be an expert on SlideShare – I just created my account tonight, so I could post that presentation.

If you would like to view my presentation, you may click the image or use this link to access it.  

Using Social Media for Networking  

Since you don’t have me as a speaker while you watch it, I thought I would clarify the images on slide 5.

  • Turtle – This represents the fact that developing a reputation and
    building a network via social media is a slow process. You can not just throw up a couple of blog posts or comment on some LinkedIn discussions and expect it to be done. It takes time.
  • Brick Wall – This represents how you have to build your campaign – one brick at a time. Each blog post, video, comment, discussion…all of it…is what you are slowly building. Think of it as “slowly buying up real estate on the web”. Eventually, the
    goal is to own a whole bunch and have an “estate”. Each item you put up is a brick in this estate.
  • Zombie – The content you post on the web NEVER dies. It is practically impossible to destroy it. This is both positive and negative. It is negative because this is your online reputation you are building. Think twice about posting that photo of you getting drunk at the corporate event or whatever! It will eventually show up somewhere you don’t expect. I say “If you wouldn’t post it on a billboard on the highway…don’t post it on the web”. The postive is that this is why you can build an estate and each item is a brick. The blog post you posted a year ago can be linked to a post you write tomorrow. For example, I gave this presentation two weeks ago. I posted it on SlideShare, but I used it here on this blog AND I put a discussion up on our CFC ASTD LinkedIn site. So, I really got FOUR pops out of this presentation, if you include the live presentation I gave. I have a sneaking suspicion I might get another pop or two out of it at a later date also.

I hope you get something out of this presentation and are able to use a few pieces to increase your presence in this new online world. Eventually, you will build a reputation that has people asking you to share what makes you special – your brand! 

Good Luck and please share your experiences with the rest of us! We look forward to learning from you.


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