CPLP – So you signed up for the CPLP© Knowledge Exam. Now what?

Exam Preparations

Why, oh why? (Photo credit: Jixar)

We were told this was going to be hard and not all of us would pass so there was a sense of doom

That’s how one of our CFC ASTD member CPLP’s described their pre-exam anxiety. Is that how you feel? A sense of doom? Disaster? Impending failure? Why, oh why, did I do this?

Calm down. The exam is not as bad as you’ve heard. We talked with several of our chapter members who have taken and passed the knowledge exam and will share their learnings about the experience with you over the next few posts in this topic. There are lots and lots of resources out there to help you prepare, that is not what this series is for. This series is to help you know what to expect leading up to exam day. We’ll share some of the study tactics our Central Florida ASTD Chapter members have used to help prepare and what surprised them on exam day.

If you’ve already signed up for the exam, hopefully this will help relieve your anxiety so you can focus on getting ready. If you haven’t signed up yet, hopefully this will eliminate one of the potential barriers to taking the plunge!


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