Career Building – A New Skill Set – The Start-up of You


The Book

I am in the middle of reading a brand new book and I highly recommend everyone grab it and give it a read. The book is called The Start-up of You. It was written by Reid Hoffman, the co-founder and chairman of the professional networking site, LinkedIn. The focus of the book is to teach you how to re-envision your career development. The end result is to think like an entrepreneur, rather than a job-seeker.

A New Skill-Set

Because there is a huge shift in how we need to be building our careers, there is a new skill set we need to develop. For many of us, our career enhancement will no longer be vertical, up the corporate ladder. It will become horizontal, across our network.

The skills needed to bring this reality into your life include:

  • Developing your competitive advantage. This comes from a combination of your assets (what you have going for you RIGHT NOW), your aspirations (your deepest wishes, ideas, goals, and vision of the future), and the market realities (what the market wants or needs…and is willing to pay for).
  • An ABZ plan. Plan A is based on your competitive advantage. Plan B is what you pivot to if Plan A has a problem. Plan Z is your absolute fallback position, should you need to take a step back and regroup.
  • Build real and lasting relationships that create a professional network.
  • Learn how to successfully tap your network for opportunities and expand your knowledge.
  • Learn how to accurately appraise and take on risk to pursue professional opportunities.

A New Article Series

Over a series of articles, I plan to outline these skills and dig a little deeper with them so you can start developing your own professional network and reaping the benefits of doing so.

Start-up of You Web site

If you are interested in this book, their web site is They have a few videos and a blog for you to learn a little more.


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