Meet Your Chapter – Mike Reardon


 What organization do you work for? What do they do?

Walt Disney Parks and Resorts, Disney institute. DI provides professional development training and benchmarking for clients all over the world.

What is your role in that organization?

I am a Senior Facilitator. I work to build a relationship with clients and gain an understanding of their culture and their specific needs and challenges, then create tailored solutions for them drawing on the entire catalog of Disney Institute content

How did you get to that role? What jobs that led to your current role?

I started with Disney in the Merchandise Line of Business and, after seven years, was looking for a new challenge. I auditioned for the role of Traditions Assistant, welcoming new Cast Members to the organization on their first day of employment. It was in this role that I discovered my passion for Learning and Development. Following Traditions I had the opportunity to join the Operations Learning & Development Team which eventually led to my current role in Disney institute.

Have you had any leadership roles within ASTD?


What do you like most about your job?

Seeing the “aha” moments when adult learners grasp the core ideas of content and internalize it.

What do you like least about your job?

Nothing. I love my job. Every minute of every day.

What is your average day like?

If I am not on stage presenting, I am in an airport traveling. Days driving a desk are few and far between.

If you had hiring power, what skills would you look for in a new hire?

People skills. Friendly, with a desire to be helpful. And a passion for learning, especially for personal development.

What is some of the best advice you ever received from a mentor?

Find your passion. When you do, you will not stop until you satisfy it.

What advice do you wish you had received, but did not.

Finish your education now. In 1976. (I waited until 2007)

What industry advancements do you see as having a large impact on how you perform your role?

Social media and social learning.

If you could attend one industry event this year (time and money are no issue), which do you think would be most valuable to you?

ASTD Conference

What education/degree/certifications do you currently hold?

  • MBA, HR Concentration
  • CPLP

For your role, what is your favorite or most used tool?


Do you participate in social media? Web site, blog, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter?

Yes, all of the above. It is the wave of the future and I do not want to be left behind. (Kodak)


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